What Xat?

Xat is a site that offers users the ability to quickly create custom chat, can put in your site or blog. To create a new chat with Xat, click here.

What is a bot?

Bots (short for chatterbot) is an agent that simulate intelligent conversation. In a nutshell ... are programs that chat!They are much used in all areas of computing because they can automate the tedious procedures or otherwise very long.

What do I need a bot?

Virtually all the chats are out of control for most of the day. During this time many users that attackers could take advantage of your absence to compete for advertising and other unfair or chat to other sites. Not to mention all the rules might violate!
The only alternative until now was to create so many moderators in the hope of leaving the chat discovery for the shortest possible time. But this strategy has several problems: first of all the great abuse of power that often leads to empty the room in a few days.
XATtenger offers an alternative: a bot moderator, reliable and safe for you to monitor chat, obeying your commands and enforcing the rules you choose.

My chat is already so good, why should I make a bot?

As you can stay connected, and how many moderators you may have, no one will ever be comparable with a bot.
The bots created with XATtenger notice immediately a problem, and also in the most populated chat able to act instantly and without losing a message.
They are always connected (even at night!) And this will raise the need to create one hundred mod. Bots are reliable and fair: do not lose patience, can not be corrupted and can not betray you. You can program them as you want, and respond only to you.
Provide help for common problems that new users might have on Xat.
From the site you will be able to see detailed records of its activities, including a list of banks and kick which implemented. Your moderators can do this?!

If I put a banner bot anyone says bad words?

It's up to you to decide: you can completely customize the policies with which your bot will respect the rules!
The duration of each bank varies from user to user, according to a complex system that balances numerous factors such as its behavior in public, the relationship with others, the activity in chat ecct. This ensures a punishment for each offense balanced and calculated in the context in which it occurred.
With technology created XATtenger CML bots are far from mechanical and predictable behavior you expect from a robot!

And if my crazy bots? " How do I know that will not fail my chat?

Killing machines? Blenders trite children? Microwave cook-cat? ... Just watch science fiction films of series B!
The bot XATtenger are now successfully used in many of the most famous Xat chat.
The chat Doriana82 for example has been the first to have a bot moderator ... and is the most famous in Italy!
And if you are here it to read ... take off your curiosity once and for all: it's time for your chat bot to finally have a moderator like all the others!

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Francesco Orsi Alan Zucconi