It was nice while it lasted.. May 2, 2011

Dear users, we are sorry to announce that the XATtenger project has been officially closed down.
During the last years we make our best to provide an innovative services, and we are sure that the bots have really changed the Xat experience even more than all the recent updates.

Unfortunately Xat stops providing the support required to make Xattenger works, refusing to create stable API to better connect and integrate bots into the chats.
This is the main reason of the malfunctions that affected the bots in the last months and that you have been reported for so long.

The main goal of bots was to provide a valid tool to protect the chats among a large amount of attacks, and to help Owners reducing dramatically the well-known problems related to too many moderators, with their decision-clashes and their abuses.

Despite many chats has been helped in these years, we are currently unable to provide a stable services due to the recently changes of Xat’s policies.
We always thought that it should be illegal to make users paid for their security, and that this should be the main issue of every service provider. Unfortunately Xat doesn’t like affairs the way we do, and that’s why we decided to interrupt the service instead of making you paid for something that could not work properly.

Thank you to all the users who supported us in these years, making us able to create and to maintain this service.
If and when Xat would change its mind about bots and about a more fairy policy that doesn’t promote fight-for-powers-and-rank in chat in order to earn money, we will be happy to put XATtenger back online with all your previous bots, accounts and much more.

If you think that too, let Xat knows!

In the meanwhile, our works and researches on bot technology is far from an ending, and we are currently working on a couple of international projects related to natural language processing and aritificial intelligence.

Once again, thank you!

Please Donate, Xattenger is free January 9, 2011

We remember you that Xattenger project is total free. Your financial help will serve to maintain our server and continue our work. The important pursuits we work for are only possible through help like yours. Thank you!

Use the Make a donation button below to send money via PayPal: you don’t even need a PayPal account!

Via PayPal you can donate money using most major credit cards (PayPal will not disclose your credit card information to us) or from your PayPal account, if you have one.
Francesco Orsi Alan Zucconi